Climate Controlled Storage: What is it, and do you need it?

Climate Controlled Storage: What is it, and do you need it?

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What is Climate Controlled Storage, and Do You Need It?

Climate controlled storage is one of the most common upgrades you can make to your indoor storage unit; climate control does not work as an outdoor storage unit. A single-level (or smaller) space doesn’t require climate control, but if you need more than 1,000 square feet of usable space for your business or personal needs, it’s worth checking out.

A climate controlled unit will save on energy costs and help protect your belongings from natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes. Climate controlled facility involves storing items in a specific temperature and humidity environment. The goal is to protect the item from environmental factors, which can cause damage over time.

This type of storage has an added cost, but it’s worth it because there are different benefits that come along with climate control storage, such as better retention rates for your inventory. Ask yourself some questions before deciding if you need this kind of service or not, including how much risk you’re willing to take on when handling your stock, whether the item is particularly susceptible to environmental damage and how much time you’ll need to invest in the process.

What Is Climate-Controlled Facility?

Climate control at a self-storage facility is to protect valuables from extreme heat or cold. Storage units are temperature-controlled between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Climate controlled facility is a service that’s offered by many large companies and organizations. With climate control, the units are almost always indoors with stable temperatures and humidity levels. This means your pieces will be better protected against damage in long-term storage. It’s a good idea if your valuables are sensitive to extreme changes in temperature or humidity. For example, it would be the perfect solution for storing anything made of wood.

The benefits of this type of service include time savings from less handling during regular checks, as well as decreased prep times for items before they’re stored or sold.

Climate controlled storage

What Temperature Is Climate-Controlled Storage Kept At?

A climate controlled unit is a type of storage that keeps the temperature within certain ranges. The standard climate controlled unit has a range from 55 degrees to 80 degrees, and there are other types with different temperature ranges.

The idea behind climate controlled units is to maintain a constant average temperature and humidity. When storing items, it’s important that you check with your store manager beforehand about the specific range of temperatures for their facility. Some stores keep their storage unit at higher than normal temperatures to prevent moisture from damaging products in the long run. In contrast, others keep them cooler just to better control how humid they are inside because each individual can have different preferences when it comes to what level of humidity feels comfortable or not.

Climate controlled facility is usually found in indoor facilities. These are sometimes known as temperature control, but they might not have the option of a drive-up facility.

The Benefits of Climate Control

Climate controlled units are an option for people who need to store items while keeping them safe from the elements. A climate controlled unit provides drive-up access, which allows you to bring your items in and out easily, as well as flexible month-to-month lease terms.

Climate controlled facility is a convenient way to store your items. It’s available in different sizes, and you can choose the hours of access that are most convenient for you. The temperature inside stays the same as outside, so it’s easy not to worry about what may happen with an item stored there over time, such as mold or mildew growth.

Climate controlled units provide a safe and secure place for items to be stored. A climate controlled unit can protect your valuables from moisture damage, such as when you store art or electronics in the facility. It’s also effective at storing photographs because it is better than leaving them out on shelves where they could easily get wet and damaged by other materials like paint or water drops.

If you’re looking for an affordable option that provides peace of mind, consider renting a storage unit with climate control.

When you have a climate control unit, the moist and dry conditions are controlled. This is important because pests that seek these conditions aren’t likely to stay in your storage area. On top of this, if you install a pest prevention system with an air purifier on it, then there’s no need for pesticides or other chemicals to be used when storing items in temperature-controlled environments.

Protection from External Weather Conditions

Climate controlled facility protects items from extreme conditions. It helps prevent damage and loss of value due to external weather conditions. During the summer, it is important to protect your sensitive items from external weather conditions. The best way to do this is by putting them in a safe and dry place such as an air-conditioned room or under a blanket.

Prevents Costly Damage to Your Belongings

Climate controlled units may cost more than standard storage units, but the money saved on replacing or repairing damaged items is invaluable. Climate control in your home can prevent yellowing, corrosion, rust, and mildew on items such as furniture. Wooden furniture is also prevented from warping or cracking.

The leather and fabrics are protected against yellowing, and the metal items are protected from corrosion. The protection is achieved by adding a layer of transparent plastic on top of the fabric or leather to prevent moisture, dirt, etc.

While a lot of people use tape to seal boxes, there are also products that provide better protection. Boxes and packing supplies can be purchased at high-quality online stores such as Amazon or eBay for less than $10 per box.

In order to prevent costly damage to your belongings, there are a variety of different bags and cases you can use. There is one month or less protection for items like sweaters and clothing that will be fine for that time frame. Mattresses, however, should only be stored in special storage bags, which protect the mattress from dust mites and bed bugs as well as stains caused by moisture such as mold or mildew.

Personal Comfort & Peace of Mind

Climate controlled facility is a layer of privacy and safety for you and your stored items. Your climate control unit from CubeSmart will not just protect your belongings but will also make visiting on hot and cold days more comfortable. CubeSmart provides climate controlled facility to their customers as they know that their possessions are important to them. Climate controlled units are available in a variety of sizes. Flexible month-to-month lease terms for your temporary storage or long term storage needs.

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Do You Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Do You Need Climate Controlled?

Climate controlled units are more expensive than standard units. However, temperature-sensitive items need climate control. A climate controlled unit is a long-term solution for storing items. It provides optimal conditions to maintain the quality of your belongings while you are waiting on them, and it’s important to invest in this service if you need something stored for an extended period of time.

A lot can happen during that time frame, but a climate controlled unit will keep everything safe from damage caused by heat or cold fluctuations. There are many different types of storage units, and climate controlled options can be more expensive. If you’re looking for a secure place to store your personal belongings, then this option might seem like the logical one. However, if there is no temperature control in your unit or things get damaged because of it – then that decision could end up costing you money down the line.

Climate controlled unit is important for preserving items. There are many types of climate controlled unit, but the most significant benefit of climate controlled facility is that it helps to preserve your belongings in a safe and convenient place. The cost associated with storing these objects will be minimal if you use a service like Boxer Storage.

Climate controlled facility is a type of facility that maintains the temperature and relative humidity levels for an item’s long-term preservation. It can be used to preserve everything from delicate antique furniture, paintings, or sculptures to valuable papers, documents, or photos.

If you are interested in preserving your items with climate controlled facility, then it will help protect them against damage caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels as well as other natural factors like pests like insects which thrive at higher temperatures.

If you have a lot of stuff and not enough space at home, climate controlled facility can be the answer. It is cheaper than buying an entirely new house to store all your belongings.

Why Get a Climate Controlled Unit?

If you have items that are more sensitive than others, consider getting a climate controlled unit. This way, they can be stored in a room with consistent temperature year-round. A non-climate room is suitable for storing items that do not require the extra care of being kept at a certain temperature year-round.

If you need long-term storage, climate controlled units are recommended. Temperature controls will reduce moisture damage that can occur from temperature changes and humidity levels. The most common way to store your items is through a storage unit. However, the decision on whether or not it needs climate control is based on how long you need to keep each item and what they are.

You do not need this type of service if these two questions can be answered in the affirmative:

  • Do I want my items for less than one year?
  • Do I have more than three units worth of belongings?

What Items Need Climate Control?

Climate controlled facility is the process of maintaining the relative humidity and temperature levels in a space so that items can be properly preserved. There are many different types of items that need climate control, including clothing, musical instruments made of wood, fabric, or leather materials; antiques; and electronics such as TVs and computers.

As an investment, climate control is particularly important for most electronic devices such as hard drives. Climate controlled facility is a facility that provides ideal conditions for items. Items should be stored in climate controlled units to avoid damage, loss of value, and the potential to become damaged due to damp or moist conditions.

Climate controlled facility is a type of storage that provides protection from pests and the elements. This is important for clothing, furniture, or anything else you want to keep safe. You can find a climate controlled unit at most large retail stores like Walmart, Target, Sears, Costco, and more.

Spending the extra money to protect your items, in the long run, could save you time and money in the future.

climate controlled storage

Furniture (anything made of or containing wood, metal, wicker, leather, or upholstered pieces)

Climate controlled storage units are good for extreme temperatures sensitive items. It is also a better option if you have high humidity or an extreme climate. Extreme temperature-sensitive items would be good to store in this type of unit. Long-term storage might be a suitable reason to invest in one, but it depends on the item being stored and it’s specific needs.

Climate controlled units are ideal for wood furniture, metals, and fabric. A temperature of 50 to 80 degrees is perfect for most stored items. CubeSmart uses reasonable efforts to maintain a temperature of 50 to 80 degrees in climate controlled units. Items that can get mold or mildew should not be placed in these storage areas, with the exception of those made out of cloths like a cotton canvas that do not cause any problems when exposed to moisture (including water damage).


Climate controlled storage is a safe place for your camera bodies and lenses, as well as other valuables. Moisture and condensation are the enemies of electronics; therefore, climate control will keep them at their best.

Media (DVDs, videos, vinyl records, etc.)

Climate controlled storage is a type of storage that keeps the temperature and humidity at a consistent level. Media such as DVDs, videos, vinyl records, etc., are all sensitive to changes in temperature, so climate control is necessary for their preservation.

Clothing, particularly if it’s lace or leather, or if it’s going to be stored in bags

Climate controlled storage is for items that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of moisture, such as clothing made out of materials like lace or leather, various types of electronics and media, artwork, furniture, and other large items. These items should be stored in climate controlled facilities. The reasons become more clear once you consider how they react with moisture exposure. Wood can warp or crack due to humidity or rot without proper climate control.

Clothing, particularly if it’s lace or leather or if it’s going to be stored in bags, is susceptible to mold and mildew. Electronics can also become damaged when they get wet by becoming cracked or rusted. Some of the items are sporting equipment that could have a high probability of getting dirt on them easily, which would make their color fade away.

Clothing, particularly if it’s lace or leather, or if it’s going to be stored in bags, should not be treated like other garments and can cause more damage than usual. High heat causes materials such as clothing to expand and contract; therefore, the temperature of a wine cellar is different from that of an average room. Additionally, some fabrics will become faded when exposed to UV rays from sunlight because they’re designed with this in mind.

Important documents

Climate controlled storage is a service where items are kept in a temperature-controlled area. These companies usually charge for this service, but some may offer it free of cost. Some important documents that would need climate control include tax returns and birth certificates.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments can be damaged by exposure to the elements, and climate controlled storage is a must-have for these items. For those who live in Texas or other states with less extreme weather conditions, no climate controlled storage space is needed.

Medical supplies and medications

Climate controlled storage is a system of storing items in an environment where they are monitored and maintained at the proper temperature. Medical supplies and medications need climate control because they can deteriorate quickly when exposed to moisture or high temperatures. Items should be inspected before being stored, and damp items should not be loaded while it’s raining.

Medical supplies and medications should be safeguarded with moving blankets and plastic wrap or put in a bin. When moisture absorbers stop working, they need to be replaced every few days because of their short lifespan.

Bicycles with leather seats

Climate controlled storage is used to make sure your items are safe and sound. Items like bicycles with leather seats, fragile items, nuts, and bolts should be packed together in a small baggie or wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper.

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